Are we losing our place in the world?

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Do you feel the massive earthquake that is shaking up the Middle East? According to the Washington Post, the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia is at an all-time low.
There is an increasing friction with the Obama administration and the Saudi government feels that America has proven to be an incompetent ally, incapable of conducting a coherent foreign policy.
Did Obama make a mistake in driving Mubarak out of Egypt? Now Egypt is headed down a path to an Islamic fundamentalist takeover.
Also, what are we doing in Libya? Our meddling has encouraged elements in Saudi Arabia to stir up trouble. Qadhafi has already pledged to align with Iran should he hang on to power.
In Syria, Iran’s most important ally, America is doing little to support the democratic uprising. Can America continue this journey of being the police of the world and survive?
Bahrain is a small gulf nation that seems to be the new ground zero in the developing Middle East power struggle. About 70 percent of the population is Shiite, and the ruling monarchy is Sunni, like the majority of the Saudis.
This year, high-level Iranian officials have commented about retaining control of the country. This is something Saudi Arabia is aware of and cannot let happen.
While Bahrain is not a major oil exporter, the majority of Saudi oil fields are located close to its border. Shiites are dominant in this area. Saudis now fear, with good reason, that a revolution in Bahrain could easily spread to its regions and jeopardize revenues and power.
The Wall Street Journal reports this fear of Iran and the lack of trust with the U.S. is so great that Saudis are rallying Muslim nations across the Middle East and Asia to join an Arab alliance. Bahrain has become the symbol of Arab defiance against Iran.
This massive earthquake I speak about will cause the ground to split and divide the Middle East into two entities: Iraq, Syria, Egypt, possibly Libya and the Ethiopian Horn of Africa region centered on Iran, and the Arab alliance being assembled in Saudi Arabia.
As Saudi Arabia and other states in that region seek to incorporate more allies to protect themselves from Iran, keep a watchful eye as they eventually begin reaching out to Germany and the Europeans for protection.
In my last article, “Nuclear Abyss or Human Survival,” it mentioned the North and South kings that are lighting up the radar screen and with a passion and desire as great as it was told in Old Testament days.
Russia and Germany announced on May 5, 2011, they had completed Nord Stream, a 760-mile undersea natural gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea. They expect to begin operations the last quarter of 2011. When operational in 2012, the two pipelines will supply 55 billion cubic meters of Russian gas a year to the European Union for at least 50 years.
Europe’s anti-nuclear reaction to Japan’s earthquake is playing right into the hands of Russia and Germany. If nuclear power plants begin shutting down across the continent, Europe will have to produce its energy using another fuel.
Natural gas seems the most likely alternative – meaning that Europe’s imports of Russian gas will only go up in the future.
Germany and Russia have partnered to maximize the power each can gain through controlling Europe’s natural gas supplies. Watch for them to use this power in the future.
China is rising quickly to power. Most Americans are beginning to realize that two markets now dominate world trade. It is not America and England; it’s the European Union and China.
In the last decade of the 20th century, a united Germany powered the European Union into position as the most dominant trading bloc in the world. A few months ago, China edged above the European Union.
Now, these markets are becoming mutually dependent on each other to maintain their current growth and economic standards.
Few people understand the great prophetic significance of this strengthening of relationships between the European Union – in particular, Germany – and the great Eastern trading bloc led by China.
European Union Parliamentary President Jerzy Buzek recently mentioned in the EU Observer that China’s increasingly important role in the global economy is one theme he will address when meeting China’s leaders in Beijing.
The concern is that both China and Russia seek a closer alliance with the European Union as American and British clout continues to decline.
This will have a profound influence on the future of this world, especially in the Middle East and Eurasia.
These developing events surrounding the EU and China will eventually affect every human being on this planet.
Radical events are on the move in the Middle East. America is shrinking in power. Iran is becoming the undisputed king of the region, Russia. China and Germany project extreme growth, and Saudi Arabia is banding together with new allies for protection.
Is biblical prophecy being fulfilled? Despite the troubles ahead for us, it is all leading to the best news ever – the return of Jesus Christ.