Are we headed for nuclear abyss or human survival?

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Ed McAteer

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his quest for Iran to get nuclear weapons remains a news worthy item. What does that mean for America and Israel? It can only come down to one thing – eventual war.
Since the recent collapse of the Egyptian government, radical Islam on both ends now controls the Suez Canal. Iranian warships are passing through the canal into the Mediterranean Sea next to Israel’s coast.
Egypt, now under military control, is permanently opened to the Gaza Strip. This is a major security breach with Israel.
On May 18, the Muslim Brotherhood filed legal documents to the Political Parties Affairs Committee to register its new political wing. Islamic parties will enter in September’s parliamentary elections and become a part of Cairo’s new government. A brotherhood member has already announced he will run for president.
Iran tested its new Qiyam 1 ballistic missile and has delivered it to its elite Revolutionary Guard. Some of the missiles first produced in 2010 are suspect to have already reached Hezbollah so say Israeli defense analysts. Iran knows it cannot beat us in a military battle, so it wages war in a different manner. Iran wants us to crumble from within. In war, whoever controls the oil usually controls the war. America is still dependent on Middle East oil.
On May 9, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) wrote in a nine-page report that Iran has conducted work on technology to place nuclear material on a missile and detonate it.
The IAEA also said it has evidence that Iran had begun experiments involving the explosive compression of uranium deuteride to produce a short burst of neutrons.
Israeli intelligence reports that Iran has continued to enrich uranium with 3,000 centrifuges at work and in open defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions. This can be used as a trigger for a nuclear bomb.
Last November, German intelligence reported that Iran and Venezuela signed an agreement Oct. 19 to build a joint base and house rockets and missiles.
The Federation of American Scientists pointed out that with modification, a missile could have a range of 1,500 miles, placing Miami within targeting range.
President Barack Obama recently called for Israel to give up land that belongs to them and return to a Palestinian state.
“We believe the borders of Israel, and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps,” Obama said.
Islamic fundamentalists own Gaza, but want the West Bank, too. They will not stop until they have the city of Jerusalem and see America crippled and Israel become an easier target.
The president said a Palestinian state must be contiguous, meaning joining the Gaza Strip with the West Bank to create an adjoining Palestinian state.
This cuts Israel in half. For Israel, these issues are vital to national security. Prime Minister Netanyahu said on May 25, the reason Israel cannot return to the 1967 lines is “because these lines are indefensible.”
Iran wages war – not about money or land. It is about theology. Arabs believe Mohammed is the only true prophet, and the Koran is absolute truth. They believe Allah’s will is for Islam to rule the earth.
Israel is a problem because it has a blood covenant that is unconditional – from God. Islam cannot rule the earth if Israel is not defeated. If they cannot defeat Israel, then Mohammed was wrong and the Koran is not true.
Iran believes while President Obama is in office, America will not do anything to stop efforts to create an Islamic dictatorship throughout the Middle East.
I hope America is not naïve to believe Iran is doing this alone. Russia and China are supporters to Iran’s folly. For them, it is about the Persian Gulf and oil. The Bible refers to them as King of the North and King of the East. Russia wants oil fields control.
The King of the South is the Arab nations that are unifying under Islam – with places such as Libya, Tunisia, Somalia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Pakistan.
Our Mutual Assured Destruction may have won us the Cold War with the Soviets, but that will not happen with Iran. Reality must set in for our president. Ahmadinejad is for real, believes in this cause and will start a nuclear war to facilitate human annihilation to speed the process.
Look at history. Recall that Hitler was a Christian. He proclaimed his intentions for years in his writings (Mein Kampf), but no one took him seriously. Winston Churchill stood alone believing this monster would do what he wrote about. He tried to warn the world. No one paid attention. Hitler did not have nuclear weapons. It was only after he started World War II that people listened.
I realize the mindset of most Islamic people do not believe this way. Unfortunately, this is the mind-set of someone who does. He happens to be the leader of Iran, and is about to get nuclear capability. What do you think Hitler would have done with a nuclear bomb?
Ahmadinejad believes man, apocalyptic chaos and violence can hasten events. He believes the Islamic Revolution mission is to pave the way to the return of his messiah – and believes he can do so by nuclear events toward Israel and America. This is not a fairy tale. It is a fact.
If the U.S. would stop pursuing its national interests in the region, it would not quench the Iranian mullahs’ desire for America’s destruction; or Hamas’s quest to wipe out every Jew from Israel; or radical Islam’s goal to defeat Western civilization and establish a global Islamic successor of Muhammad as the spiritual head of Islam; or the Muslim Brotherhood’s ambition to create an Islamic Egyptian state, one that would undoubtedly be hostile to American interests.