Animal shelter needs to catch up with time

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Every time I drive through Lancaster County I see signs proclaiming We are Lancaster! and have to wonder what this is saying – revitalization, community, great place to live and work? My destination in Lancaster is Lancaster County Animal Control. Many people may not know there is a shelter off South Main Street, next to a convenience site. The sign is obscured by tree limbs so you have to look closely.
This shelter was built to house 20 dogs many years ago. It has become lost in time and never expanded despite the population of Lancaster County doubling in those years. This shelter is always full to overflowing.
Dogs and cats are killed due to lack of space. These are not mongrels or curs but wonderful animals for whom the owners have chosen not to take responsibility.
This shelter desperately needs to be enlarged and overpopulation mandates pet owers spay and neuter their pets. If Lancaster County would sponsor low- or no-cost spay/neuter clinics it would likely yield a payback to the taxpayers in the long run.
The business community partnering with local vets could do wonders for Lancaster animals and validate the We are Lancaster slogan.

Janice McPherson
Matthews, N.C.