Americans should be working together for a change

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By The Staff

Under the guise of stating facts about our new president, Rob Emory in his Nov. 7 column, “Let’s hope America hasn’t been fooled,” lists no facts about our new president.

Rather he re-circulates the myths and distortions that surfaced in the effort to smear our new president during a negative campaign that reached a historic low.

Under the heading “radical ties,” Emory makes a failed effort to blame President-Elect Barack Obama for events and statements which are not radical at all or for which Obama has no connection or responsibility.

It is well known that Mr. Obama was eight years old and had never heard of Bill Ayers when Ayers was a part of a group known as the Weather Underground. It was more than 30 years later when Ayers was teaching at a top-tier university in Chicago and serving on a board with Mr. Obama and several other highly respected citizens of Chicago when Mr. Obama got to know him. Even then, he had no ties to Mr. Ayers.

Mr. Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is the longtime pastor of one of the largest churches in the United Church of Christ denomination. Mr. Obama, along with thousands of other upstanding citizens of Chicago were members of Rev. Wright’s church. The church ministered to the poor and did great service in the community. In a few sound bites taken out of context, Rev. Wright expressed his frustration with racism and classism in America. Rather than have Rev. Wright’s comments become a distraction to his campaign, Mr. Obama withdrew from that church.

The suggestion that James Johnson and Franklin Rains, former top executives at Fannie Mae, are radicals is preposterous. Neither Johnson nor Rains is a member of Mr. Obama’s inner circle. Johnson was an Obama advisor before the problems of Fannie Mae became known to Mr. Obama and the American public. Johnson is no longer an Obama advisor. Mr. Obama has no connection with Fannie Mae.

The suggestion that Mr. Obama funneled $2 million to Mike Klonsky’s cause is without factual basis and absurd on two fronts: (1) Mr. Obama did not have $2 million to funnel, and

2) Mr. Obama would have no reason to funnel such funds to causes to which he was not connected.

In short, there is nothing new nor true about Mr. Emory’s claims which, fortunately, were overwhelmingly rejected by the American public.

As for Mr. Emory’s claims about Mr. Obama’s political views, all that needs to be said is that Mr. Obama shared his views with the American people and, by their vote, they found them to be superior to the views of his opponent.

Mr. Obama’s message of change has inspired, energized and brought hope to millions of people in America and abroad. That message was so effective that Mr. Obama’s opponents attempted to usurp Mr. Obama’s message of change, but to no avail.

Mr. Emory is sulking because his candidate lost. Apparently, his idea of America is a country where elections are decided on the basis of distortion, innuendo and outright lies rather than a candidate’s policies and programs. Perhaps it is he who has been fooled by his own distorted view of America.

This is a time when all Americans, including Mr. Emory, should be working together for the change that will keep America safe and free and not rehashing an election that has already been fairly decided.

And, yes, Mr. Emory, like you, I believe that America and her people are still worth fighting for. As the great American leader, Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed.” America has done that, Mr. Emory, she has done that.

Lishia Mungo and Lorraine Mungo are residents of Lancaster County.