Americans have difficulty distinguishing what’s a lie

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The last true remnant of freedom in this United States is our right to vote. We send our fellow residents to faraway countries to die on the battlefield to stop the enemies of this republic, who would deny that right.
We spend billions to support local, state and national governments that we trust will defend that right. Neighbors fall out with neighbors as the result of exercising that right. Cultural differences very often determine how we will execute that right.
Why is it then that such a sacred trust and responsibility is most often misdirected, not by war, government or where we come from, but rather whom we elect who can deliver the best lie?
One recent presidential candidate made more than 700 promises, helping us to realize that we are dupes to the big lie. Americans seem to have a discernment problem in that we are unable to know whether one lie is bigger than the other.
No wonder Scripture teaches that in the last days mankind will believe a lie. Do we not know enough truth to help us determine when someone is a liar?
Oil companies lie when they try to convince us through the mouths of politicians that we need to deny ourselves foreign oil when, in fact, the oil companies exported 1 million more barrels of oil per month this year than they exported last year. That oil was sent from the United States to other countries so that the companies can reap billions in profit from the sale of oil to foreign countries, while also reaping billions from Americans, who have to pay the high gas prices that are supposedly caused by the lack of oil coming here from foreign countries.
And who is it that supports that lie? None other than those whom we trust and who accept campaign funds from the oil companies.
The S.C. Public Service Commission recently granted a 7 percent increase to Duke Energy, which had requested, according to them, a much-needed rate increase to supply energy.
It was an effort to keep electricity flowing, while deceiving the public that it was doing us a favor by granting only about half of what Duke requested. In reality, the amount that was granted was twice the annual inflation rate.
We, the people, must believe this malarkey because at the next election of state representatives, we will put back into office those representatives who appoint the public service commission.
Not until we go to the grocery store and see the drastic increase in the cost of food will we realize that Duke’s bill was not paid by our state representatives or the public service commission, but rather by those who fell for the big one, “Trust me with your vote.”
We God-blessed, red-blooded, patriotic Americans will continue to believe these lies until we repent of our sins and start reading the book of truth – the Bible.
There is only one human who represented us and told the truth. That is Christ our Lord.

The Rev. William W. Ferguson Sr. lives in Blackstock, and is pastor of Gateway Church of God in Indian Land.