America is a rainbow of colors

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By Rosemary Whitlock

During these last several months of campaigns ongoing for elected offices, I have heard remarks made from time to time that if a certain man running for president of the United States of America was to win the office that within three months, he would be shot.

Perhaps some people think of this as a cutesy remark. It is not. All of our presidents have faced danger. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. James Garfield was assassinated. William McKinley was assassinated. John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Franklin D. Roosevelt was shot at. Harry Truman survived an assassination attempt by four men. Gerald Ford survived a bullet wound. Ronald

Reagan was shot at. Eight presidents out of 43 have been physically attacked and some of them were killed. It had nothing to do with the color of their skin. All of these presidents were white men. Presidents have never been in danger because of skin color. Let’s don’t start now. Presidents are in danger because of being president.

We are supposed to be learning all we can about the issues facing America. We are supposed to be aware of the financial crisis America is in and which candidate has the wisest ideas and plans to best solve the problems and put America back on its economic feet. Consider, too, very seriously, which of the two runners-up candidates do you believe has the most knowledgeable experiences, the most learned wisdom to aid the president and take over the highest office in the land if the president regardless of color was to become gravely ill or dead?

As children we used to sing a song and its main message was red, yellow, black or white – precious in God’s sight. If any man or woman casts their vote for the next president of America and that vote is based on the color of any man of woman’s skin, remember when we as children sang that song? Did we mean those words in our hearts or did we just lip-sync those words? Let’s all of us lift our closed eyelids off our cheeks and look around us. America is a rainbow of skin colors. That’s what makes America so beautiful. Let’s vote on an American. Best equipped.

Rosemary Whitlock