America needs to focus on fight against ISIS

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America and the free world is faced with a threat that has become more aggressive, less humane and more cruel than any international enemy since Adolph Hitler.

ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) leaders are capable of using modern technology to reach every continent in the world with nuclear weapons. Their use of cruel force and their knowledge of nuclear weaponry threaten every Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and Muslim community in the world. This is ISIS.

President Barack Obama has already taken strong action against ISIS. Yet the Republican Party, especially the Tea Party, is spending its time in Washington, D.C., floating bogus distractions, such as a vote for impeachment. It is partisan politics at the cost of weakening and distracting our government.

America and all other free-world countries need to come together to fight ISIS. Let us not allow small-minded political foolishness to weaken American preparedness and our stature among nations.

John C. Aves

Indian Land