America becoming a Third World country

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Myra and Billy Dale McCants

WSOC, CNN and FOX news stations recently said that Americans want to pay $4 a gallon for gas to show the world that we were doing great. I thought the Constitution was for the people not crap the people.
We recently filled our car with gas and it cost $2.85 a gallon. BP assured Americans that it would pay for the damages from the Gulf Coast oil spill. I feel like we are the ones paying the cost.
Predictions are that by the summer we’ll be paying $4 a gallon. The news stations also said that gasoline prices will never go down again. They also report that by this time next year we’ll be paying $5 a gallon. How can they increase those prices without our input? Higher gas prices will affect the cost of everything in our lives.
President Barack Obama says we’re out of the recession and there are jobs available. Did I miss something? Our leaders sent all our jobs overseas to China. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. All the equipment our parents worked so hard on to make a living has been shipped away for use in other countries. Our folks don’t have jobs. We were sold out long time ago.
America used to help China when it was a struggling country. Now China owns us because we owe the country trillions of dollars. America, once a great nation, is becoming a Third World country.
Shame on those who sold our country out. They’ve gotten rich and the rest of us are just hanging on.

Myra and Billy Dale