Additional stop light going up on U.S. 521

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By Reece Murphy

The S.C. Department of Transportation is expected to begin work in coming weeks on the intersection of Charlotte Highway and 521 Corporate Center Drive.

The project, slated to begin sometime in the next two to three weeks, includes the addition of traffic lights and a left-turn lane.

SCDOT District 4 Associate Traffic Engineer Danny Carns said the project is intended to ease the flow of traffic into 521 Corporate Center stemming from a 1,000-job expansion at the park’s largest tenant, Red Ventures.

“Once they start working, it should take about a week, depending on the weather, to do the work,” Carns said.
Carns said the greatest effect will likely be on southbound drivers going to work in the corporate center in the mornings.  

Delays to regular traffic on Charlotte Highway throughout the day and traffic leaving the corporate center in the evening should be minimal, he said.

Carns said the traffic lights will be set to flash as caution lights during construction, but will be turned on and synchronized with the lights at S.C. 160, Marvin Road and Edgewater Parkway once the roadwork is done.