2001 Veterans Day Tribute

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John Harry Hinson

Editor’s note – The Lancaster News recently asked readers on its Facebook page to share memories on family members who proudly served in the United States military. Here is Mickey R. Hinson Sr.‘s story on his dad, the late John Harry Hinson, who died Feb. 16, 2008, at the age of 92.


This was my father in the U.S. Army infantry in Germany and Italy in World War II. 

Dad didn’t like talking a lot about his war experience. He was injured by shrapnel and was hospitalized, but later returned to the front lines to fight.

He once told me a bullet came so close to him it shot off his belt buckle. 

A good neighbor of mine told me if it wasn’t for men like my dad, we all might be speaking German today.

I have numerous medals including his Purple Heart and Bronze Star. 

In loving memory of my dad. We miss you and love you so much.


 – Mickey R. Hinson Sr.