12-Week Challenge down to the wire

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Editor’s note: The Lancaster News is tracking the progress of Katie Stogner and Jeff Holden as they undertake the Island Sun Tanning and Fitness 12-week Challenge for 2012. Here is their third progress report. You can also follow their progress at stevelewisplan.com.
Katie’s story
We are getting close to the end and I am getting closer to my goal. I have finally started seeing the number on the scale drop, although I have been seeing changes in my clothes and my appearance the entire time. For the first time in a while, I actually do not dread getting on the scales because I know I am going to be happy with what I see.  My muscle gain has slowed and my body fat has finally started decreasing and I could not be happier. I was also very happy with my eight week pictures. I don’t think the changes were as drastic as the first four weeks, but I could definitley see a big difference.
 All of this has not been easy, though. In fact, it has been harder than ever.  With the end getting closer, I have increased the amount of cardio I am doing daily to at least an hour. So on top of an hour of weight training three times a week, I have to do an extra hour of cardio. That is extremely difficult. I am completely spent at the end of those days. That is really the only thing I can change at this point in the game, because I am giving this every ounce of effort that I have. Sometimes, I feel like I have to jump through hoops in order to get everything done and manuever things around so that I can fit in my workouts, but I keep thinking to myself that the end is near and I will be so relieved when I am happy with my appearance and self-confident again. Self confidence is the best quality a person can have and I am so ready to have mine back.
Jeff’s story
Well, we are into week 10 and I’ve put all I can into showing what kind of change a person can make if he/she puts their mind to it. I can see the end getting closer now and I think my end results are going to show a big change. The last month of a challenge is when you put everything you have in your workouts and cardio. By now, your metabolism should really be kicking in. I have increased my cardio and went really strict on my nutrition this last month to get these last few pounds off. I spent five days at the beach and did not cheat on my nutrition one time. That was hard, but I kept reminding myself of all the hard work I’ve put in and I’ve got only a few weeks left. I’m ready for the last few weeks to end and see what my results are going to be. I think they are going to be good and I can’t wait.
Steve’s last words
We are coming up on the end of 10 weeks and everything is coming together just as expected. Both Katie and Jeff are now seeing the scales drop significantly. At the end of four weeks Katie had only lost 4 pounds and Jeff 7 pounds. Now both are down 20 pounds and dropping. As I stated in a previous article, your weight may not drop as much in the beginning as it will toward the end. Here are some reasons why: 1)  Your muscle gains have slowed down, but your fat loss has increased considerably, 2) You are in better shape, therefore your workouts are more intense, and 3) You are leaner (more muscle and less fat), therefore your metabolism and energy levels are at their peak. The result of all these factors is faster weight loss. Both Katie and Jeff are really seeing the results of all their hard work. Stay tuned in, because you are going to be shocked when you compare their before and after pictures. Also, their week 12 videos will be them doing the same workouts they did in week one. You will notice a big difference in their fitness level. As always go to www.SteveLewisPlan.com to keep track of their results.
– Fitness expert Steve Lewis is owner of Island Sun Fitness and Tanning and Island Sun Fitness for Women.