‘Remember When’ has run its course

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It's been fun sharing some of my oldtime adventures with you.  We have walked hand-in-hand along the sidewalks of Lancaster, browsed the store windows along Main Street, scampered for tadpoles in the rain filled pools along the railroad tracks and relived those hot summer nights as we sweltered beneath the covers fearful of the sounds of boogers and other monsters of the night creeping on the stair steps.
We did our part defending America with our purchases of savings stamps and collecting scrap metal and rubber. We did without stuff so the troops wouldn’t.
Because  teachers stressed memorizing classical poems, we can still rattle off a line or two.  Stray dogs bring back memories of our favorite pooch.
The seasons come and go and we with them. That box of metal toy soldiers is filled with memories, but now it is time to close the lid and place them on the top shelf.
Thanks for your company along the way. I deeply appreciate the favorable comments from so many.
God bless and remember: “We were Lancaster.”