‘Her Red Shoes’ Child Abuse Awareness Month event in need of sponsors

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By Denyse Clark

David Kellin, a veteran trauma-focused counselor for sexually abused youth at Kershaw Counseling, holds special events each April to raise awareness during Child Abuse Awareness Month. 

Kellin, owner of Sara’s Dad’s Photography and newspaper correspondent, presents events based on a shoe theme. 

This year, his theme, “Her Red Shoes,” is the premise for an abuse awareness event scheduled for 2 p.m. April 6 at First Presbyterian Church, 201 N Cleveland St., Kershaw.

A great itinerary is planned with musical entertainment and the release of Kellin’s  “Her Red Shoes” portraits, but the community’s assistance is needed to provide financial sponsorship for this event. 

“Our largest expense will be having the Hinson Girls perform – that will cost about $500 an hour,” Kellin said. 

“Printing of the Her Red Shoes portraits and postcards is projected to be about $250.”

Kershaw Counseling will purchase awards and advertising for the event.

However, other costs remain, such as refreshments for attendees. 

“Our need is about $800 to $900 to run the event,” Kellin said. “Donations above the required amounts will be used for art supplies for trauma counseling with children who experience abuse.” 

The deadline for donations is March 15.

Each donor of $100 or more will receive a printed copy of one of the Her Red Shoes photographs or a 16-by-20 inch portrait of their choice. Donors who give $100 or less will receive five different Her Red Shoes postcards.

Her Red Shoes is a collection of portraits with people holding or interacting with a pair of small, red dancing shoes. The portraits are black and white and only the shoes are in color. 

The shoes represent the child who has experienced abuse, Kellin said. 

The people in the portraits have very different emotions in relationship to the shoes.

“We know there are many different emotional reactions to abuse,” he said. “The portraits help show those various emotions and reactions. They highlight the fact that it is not easy to recognize abuse.”

The red shoes do not appear to be “the stereotypical image of abuse,” Kellin said. 

In these portraits, he attempts to draw viewers in and allow them to be open to the message of abuse’s impact on everyone.

Kellin's project began with the goal of making one photo book of 40 portraits. That idea evolved into a multi-volume set of books with the latest volume to be released April 6 during this special event. 

The first volume of Kellin’s work is available at www.blurb.com/b/4547158-her-red-shoes. 

Kellin’s portraits, so far, have been seen by tens of thousands of people in 10 different countries. 

“I could not have guessed the reach this project would have so quickly,” he said. “I have already far exceeded my own expectations. It is important to remember the whole point in this project is to help kids be safer. Awareness is vital in that effort.”

To offer donations, contact Kellin at (803) 246-2123 or dk.frc01@gmail.com or send mail to PO Box 851 Kershaw, SC 29067.


Contact reporter Denyse Clark at (803) 283-1152