‘Gateway’ vision is to become Camelot

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My, my, the overlay plans for the northern tier of Lancaster County musta been designed by the old Wizard of Oz himself.  Brick buildings, sidewalks, rows of trees and let’s not forget the vision of sugar plumb fairies. With all this “Gateway” talk, don’t overlook the other article citing the need for two more schools in Indian Land within five years. Better figure who is gonna pay for that addition to Camelot. There’s talk about that area becoming a municipality. By golly, after the southern taxpayers add all the frills, that new city will be set for years. All the infrastructure is being put in place to accommodate the vision while we concern ourselves with potholes.

I am saddened that once the “Gateway” is finalized into a beauty spot, the rest of us will be a disappointment to visitors.

W.B. Evans

Southern U.S. 521