‘Bigger the better’ attitude has taken over

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I read Matthew Taylor’s column calling for a calm, healthy debate on gun control in the Jan. 30, 2013 edition of The Lancaster News.
Weapons of war have no place on gun racks mounted on the back window of a pick-up or anywhere else for that matter.  Reminds me of the words on a huge Lancaster towing machine (aka wrecker) some years ago. “Don’t call a horse when a pony will do.” In other words, you don’t need a machine gun for rabbit hunting.
 Mr. Taylor mentioned his own upbringing. Parents would be wise to provide such a structured environment, free of violent stuff. Somewhere along the way America changed. We defeated an enemy who attacked us without warning, we realized we should be ready with the kind of weapons to utterly “blow any future aggressor out of the water.”
The “bigger the better” attitude has taken over. From a bigger burger, a wall-covering television set,  a cellphone equipped with a hundred possibilities, faster cars, bigger boats, meaner dogs and why not more deadly guns?
Unfortunately, we don’t learn from history. Since the end of World War II, we have arsenals of weapons of mass destruction, but can you name any of the subsequent wars where we clearly achieved a victory. Sure, we paid plenty of bucks for the bang.
 We have come too far. Gun control will never work, nor can it ever be enforced. As long as good people are fearful and wish to protect their families, they will have some form of gun in their home. Then, bigger the better comes into focus. When that home invader comes through my front door armed with an assault weapon, he will be met  with a Tiger Tank.
I trust Mr. Taylor, who now lives in Australia, can bring about reason in America’s ongoing debate over weapons of mass destruction from his vantage point in the land down under.
W.B. Evans